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In Submerged, the player needs to escape a sunken research ship. Water's coming in from everywhere! Your oxygen's limited; no matter if you use your oxygen to breathe or to power your hydrogen torch to  cut chains that  block your path - use it wisely and make it count!


E - Interact

SPACE - Breathe under water (oxygen tank required)

LEFT MOUSE BUTTON  - Cut obstacles/Give light (hydrogen torch required)

Debug Controls (do NOT use: they break the ability to progress):

Keyboard 1

Keyboard 2 

Created for UE4 Summer Jam 2019 over 5 days. Almost all assets were made during this time frame. Some decals, particles and the water material  were taken from the marketplace (Blood: Customizable 4K &  Stylized Impacts) or Epic Games ParticleEffects (Water, Mist) demo project. 

Install instructions

Unzip .rar,  start game!


FiveMusketeers_Submerged 485 MB


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Hello! Recently played your game and loved how it played back in the end! I did a lets play of it so i hope i did your game justice =) Let me know what you thought!


Played your game in an Indie romp. Hope you enjoy it :) it's the first game I played 


Played for a 2 free indie horrors and i gotta say, visually, I was pretty impress. The game was a little dark and seemingly lacking in direction, but overall, not too bad. I give a full in depth review in my video below.


This game looks interesting. Is there any gore of any kind? I have a family channel, so I dont mind being scared but I cant have any crazy violence or blood in the videos. Also, no cursing. 


Thanks for asking! There is some dried blood in some parts of the level, no actual violence or blood spilling though. No cursing either. If just showing blood is too much however, I'd suggest not playing it.


The game looks amazing, and lighting is top notch. I just wish there was some notice or animation that played when you ran out of air, but you made me feel like there was something there even though I never saw anything. Well done.


Wish there was just A LITTLE more to this, but thanks for the fun! <3 

Thank you! Really appreciated. Possibly in the future it may extend! Thank you for the lets play. Glad you had fun.


it took a while to make video but i managed it haha, i love this unique style of horror! oxygen ran abit quick but exciting xD sound effect creeped me good, great work!

(warning!! lets play in japanese! :o)


Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed! 


SKIP TO 28:43!!!


Thanks for playing! You liking it in the end definitely made me happy! Longer comment on your video. :) 


I like the idea behind this game, but personally I feel that the oxygen runs out far too quickly and the darkness is a bit too intense. I also fell through the floor a couple of times too.


Thanks for playing! I added a comment on your video. :) 

is there any end in this version? i mean end screen of demo.

Yes there is. Have you been to the room with the orange light? It would be after that.

i see only purple lights and done 2 levers after that im pretty lost, quite dark so  i cant find new path. the game itself  looks great tho!

Yeah, that area got a bit darker than we intended to. The generator on the right turns on a buzzing sound and lights that show you where to go. The door is under water (pretty visible though). Thanks for the feedback!

i found the door underwater with purple light but it was shutted. did i miss anything than those 2 levers in same room?

no you didn't miss anything in the dark hall. In the room with the shut door there is another way that enables you to open that door