A downloadable game for Windows

A multiplayer couch experience that will destroy friendships - and hopefully reforge them!

Jump, dash and most importantly, don't fall off the coins and platforms while trying to reach the backpack - or try to steal it from another player! The backpack awards you points every so often, but only one player can carry it!

Coins come in different sizes and shapes; some of them will launch you, and some of them are traps! 

General Instructions:

Press (almost) any button to activate your character in the menu! Activating your character means that the player will participate in the battle!

Press and hold (almost) any button to start the game with all participating players!

Dashing helps you push other players off the platforms without endangering yourself. Use the dash to your advantage by covering larger distances and to keep yourself from bouncing into death coins.

CONTROLS - Controller (Required for multiplayer) :

[ LEFT STICK ] -  Move


[ BUTTON DOWN (X or A) ] - Jump

In Menu: 

[ LEFT/RIGHT TRIGGER ] : Change Outfit

In Menu: 

Any button to activate player and hold to start the game

CONTROLS - Keyboard (Only for one player) :

[ WASD ] - Move

[ LEFT SHIFT ] - Dash

In Menu: 

[ Q & E ] : Change Outfit

In Menu: 

Any button to activate player and hold the Enter button to start the game

Install instructions

Unzip, start .exe.


ThreeMusketeers_CouchCarnage.zip 320 MB

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